Corporate Sales

FINITA offers special prices and solutions for those wishing to quickly purchase a private limited liability company – UAB and start operations immediately.

We sell new, fully set-up companies UAB with a 2500 EUR registered share capital. You can choose company with a higher – 15 000 EUR or 30 000 EUR share capital. The companies on sale are not operating currently although they can be engaged in all permitted activities.

The price of the company includes following services: registration address in Vilnius including free of charge services on correspondence handling, stamp of the company, bank account etc.

Services VAT non-payers VAT payers
Limited liability company € 877 € 1277

We provide discounts on each ready-made company price:

If you order FINITA accounting services for 18 months period, we will provide 10% discount.

If you order company 2 weeks in advance, we provide 10% discount.


Special offer: if you order FINITA accounting services for 36 months period, we provide up to 40% discount.


To get FINITA shelf (ready-made) companies for sale safely – we provide guarantee that company for sale does not have any debts, contracts or guarantee obligations, the annual accounts are thorough. In short, FINITA companies for sale are „clean“ and are fully prepared for starting activity irrespective of the fact that company is new or „old“ company with a history.

At the customer’s request, we can set-up and sell a private company with the customer’s chosen name, registered address, accounts in one or several Lithuanian banks, non-standard statutes (limitations for the top manager, management), and so on – price from 627 EUR. Read in more details in the section SET-UP SERVICE PACKAGES.

We also sell limited liability companies (both VAT payers and VAT non-payers) that have been operating a longer period with various financial performances. The sale price of such companies is set individually for each company depending on the amount of the registered capital, company financial history, buyer’s preferences, and other characteristics. Each company sale price will get a discount, should the customer decide to order FINITA accounting management service for a fixed period.

If you wish to purchase a new limited company UAB from FINITA or to get further information:

Please fill the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Or contact us by email (please write your name, your company name, your question and we will contact you as soon as possible!)

Call us +370 5 2335050 or +370 600 20027, skype name finita-baltic

The price of accounting management service – from 77 EUR + VAT/month

If you wish to register a limited company at lower costs, you can order FINITA new company set-up service – complete new UAB company set-up will cost from 350 EUR + VAT to 777 EUR + VAT. Further information on company set-up service can be found in the section SET-UP SERVICE PACKAGES

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