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FINITA Group combines several companies for providing competitive and qualitative accounting, legal and consultation services concerning new companies establishment, start of new business or franchise, helping to sell or buy new and existing businesses, delivering solutions for tax optimization, payroll management and migration issues in EU (Schengen area residence permit).

If you decided to start a business in Lithuania or to get residence permit in Schengen area, FINITA lawyers will help you to set-up new limited liability company or to buy the shares of new limited liability company (UAB), to understand Lithuania taxation, manage your accounting in a smart way and to get detailed information and operating results of your company.

Setting-up a new limited liability company (UAB) is much easier and faster for a foreign  natural person than for a foreign legal person (company – creating subsidiary), because parent companies registration documents and financial reports need to be translated, approved by notary and APOSTILLE ,  also parent company shareholders must decide to set-up a new branch company in Lithuania and translate plus approve this decision too.

Some difficulties of setting-up new company:

  • Registration address – incorporator should have his own property or get a submit from property’s owner for registrating new company on that address, also incorporator can buy a registered address service. More information about registered address for new companies you can find HERE
  • Share capital – incorporator must form (deposit into a bank account) share capital for new company in amount of 10.000 litas or more (or choose FINITA share capital forming service).
  • Setting up a new company, when the incorporator is not Lithuania citizen, takes a little bit more time and it can take even more time if incorporator is a foreign company.

Of course you can make your Lithuanian business start much easier with buying new company instead of establishing it.

An alternative to the long and difficult procedure of company incorporation is purchase-sale of shares of an already established company – as usual FINITA foreign clients choose to get new company faster and with less procedures/documents. We (FINITA group) always have more than 10 new limited liability companies to choose from or you can order us to establish new company with your chosen name and to sell company shares to you (your company or natural person). The price of this service is the same as new company set-up service (~877 EUR)

1) Set-up of the companies, including:

• Reservation of the name of the company

• Legal address of the company

• Ready documents for establishment of the company

• Approval of the documents by the notary

• Deposit of authorized capital (10000 Lt)

• Company registration at the Centre of Registres

New limited company (UAB) set-up fee ~ 777 EUR *

* Complete information about setting up of a company can be found HERE

2) Corporate sales (buying new companies/businesses), including:

• Legal address of the company

• Bank account in one of the banks in Lithuania

• Share capital (10.000 Lt) forming

• Documents of the company

• VAT number, if needed

• Companies could be new or with the business history

New limited company (UAB) price ~ 877 EUR *

* Complete information about corporate sales can be found HERE

3) Accounting services:

CONVENIENT – documents and reports are sent and recieved online;

MODERN – accounting according to accounting standards using up to date IT software;

RELIABLE – we are taking responsibility for services we are providing;

BENEFICIAL – clear and transparent reports of your business;

FINITA accounting management service price – starting at 177 EUR/month * (excluding VAT) to private companies (UAB), public bodies (VšĮ), and other legal form entities.

* Complete information about accounting management service can be found HERE

4) Additional services:

• Consultation of foreign citizens on topics of employment, migration (residence permit) and legal permits for living and working in the Republic of Lithuania

• Preparation of the documents for employment of foreign citizens in the Republic of Lithuania

Price for FINITA migration service (including payment for residence permit, preparing documents for residence permit and representing in Migration departament and etc.) ~ 700 EUR. More information about FINITA migration services you can find HERE

Additional information

The procedure of setting-up of the company in Lithuania (founder is foreign country citizen):

1) The Founder of the company has to provide letter of attorney (L/A) for a person confirmed by the notary and bearing the APOSTILLE where must be described the following actions required for the establishment of the company: establish the company, company name, the amount of authorized capital, number and the par value of the shares, legal address of the company, name and surname of the director of the company, personal identification number (date of birth) of the director, place of residence,the accredited person has to be in charged to sign all needed documents (statutes, etc.) for establishment, to open the bank account, to be representative at the notary and Centre of Registres, sign all documents and order the stamp of the company. The mandate has to be translated in Lithuanian language.

2) The accredited person signs all documents and is fully involved in the establishment procedure, except: The authorized capital has to be formed by the founder of the company

3) After the company is established the founder will receive all documents and stamp of the company in an agreed way.

The procedure of buying a new company in Lithuania:

Company share buyer comes to FINITA office (we can also send and get all documents by mail) and:

1) Signs the contract of buying new company (all types bussines available)

2) Nominates the new director of the company

3) Receives all documents and assets of the company

4) Authorizes FINITA to inform Centre of Registers about all changes involving shareholders or director

The most popular legal forms of the companies in the Republic of Lithuania:

• Private limited liability company (UAB)

• Public limited liability company (AB)

• Individual enterprise (IĮ)

• Partnership

• Cooperative company

• Other legal companies

Main taxes in the Republic of Lithuania:

• Value added tax (VAT) – from 18% to 21%

• Profit tax (possible reduction for small business) – from 5% to 15%

• Social security tax –  approx. 30%

• Health insurance tax – from 3% to 6%

• Personal Income tax – from 15% to 20%

• Guarantee fund tax – approx. 1%

Main advantages of doing business in Lithuania:

• Emerging market – new and fast growing market, the biggest out of three Baltic states

• Cost – low labor cost, cheap raw materials, low production costs, relatively cheap living

• Geographical position – Lithuania is assumed to be “gates to the East”

• Qualified labor force – good education and qualification, good knowledge of English and Russian languages

• Infrastructure – good roads and communications

• Business friendly environment– tax benefits for investors, good environment for business

Looking forward to hear from you,

Enjoy doing business!


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Wishing to instantly purchase private limited liability company UAB that is fully ready for operation – read about it in the section CORPORATE SALES

If you wish to set-up a company at lower costs, you can order FINITA new company set-up service – complete new UAB company set-up will cost from 350 EUR + VAT to 777 EUR + VAT. Further information on company set-up service can be found in the section SET-UP SERVICE PACKAGES

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